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Ask Slashdot: Predictions For 2016? ( 239

An anonymous reader writes: Ok folks, it's been ten years since we've done this. What are your tech/science/nerd/misc predictions for 2016? Is VR going to be the bombshell it's being hyped as? Are wearables going to come into their own? Which tech companies are going to implode, and which are going to blossom? What discoveries are we going to make this year? Will people ever shut up about Donald Trump? Which new movies, books, games, and TV shows are going to be awesome? Which are going to suck? How will our privacy and security erode in 2016? And anything else you'd care to forecast.
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Ask Slashdot: Predictions For 2016?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:25AM (#51226233)

    I'm going to steal one from 2006 since it is almost a reality:
      by BCW2 (168187) on Monday December 26, 2005 @11:59PM (#14342970) Journal
    [How about] Flash drives get priced competitivly with hard drives of the same size?

    • What I have noticed is that a lot of laptops have finally started to ship with an SSD. We are getting closer to the point of saying goodbye to spinning disks in laptops.
      • by greenfruitsalad ( 2008354 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:46AM (#51226297)

        now if we could get rid of fans as well, i'd be happy. i'd like my laptop to have cpu in the screen part so it can use the lid as its heatsink.

        • by jones_supa ( 887896 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:57AM (#51226335)

          The low-end Core and Atom series already allow designs without a fan. Also, many modern laptops stop the fan when idle, as the energy efficiency of the mainline chips has gotten so good.

          Your idea of building the CPU board inside the screen part is interesting, manufacturers should experiment with that.

        • by Gadget_Guy ( 627405 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @10:22AM (#51226399)

          i'd like my laptop to have cpu in the screen part so it can use the lid as its heatsink.

          The only problem with putting the workings into the screen is that it makes it top-heavy, which changes the balance when hold it. It can be slightly more prone to falling over too, although none of these problems are really horrendous. I guess if you kept the drive and battery in the base it would counter-balance the computer.

          I have an ASUS Transformer Book T100 (which has a detachable screen that can be used as a tablet). The weight problem is not too bad because the entire computer is so light. I do want to try a Surface Book [], which also has a detachable screen (and so has to have the CPU in the screen). But it also has an extra battery and graphics processor in the base to give it more grunt when using it in a traditional notebook format. I'm quite keen to see how the balance is with the mix of parts.

        • by Dunbal ( 464142 ) *
          You'll never get rid of the fan in high end laptops. Well, unless radical new tech to deal with thermal efficiency is invented. Since a low end laptop doesn't require much more cpu than today's phones, the fan in those will probably go the way of the dodo.
      • by leathered ( 780018 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @08:47PM (#51228603)

        I hoped we would be saying goodbye to 1366x768 displays in laptops, but alas, my employer has just handed me a new one with a WXGA screen.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      I predict that Slashdot does the right thing in 2016 and ditches its outdated, broken modding system.

      It's a system that made sense in 2002, when even the most boring Slashdot stories routinely got 400+ comments.

      But these days, it's typical to see stories that get less than 100 comments. Even just hitting 50 comments is a real accomplishment.

      The only stories that see more than that today are highly-politicized or controversial topics, where the editors are clearly stirring up pointless discussion (see all of

      • by fustakrakich ( 1673220 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @11:59AM (#51226803) Journal

        Moderation system is fine. We don't need wild 1000 point swings that will just attract "gang" mods and forum poisoning. The overall stability over the years here is a good thing, and who else has almost 17 years of uncensored archives accessible to all? To all the complainers about this, and unicode, please, don't let the door hit yer ass! Though I will admit, the uniqueness isn't there anymore. Eh, such is life. The pasture here is green enough...

        • Correct the mod system is fine but unicode is definitely needed.

          What really gets me is the new website doesn't maintain logins beyond one page click.

 won't let me stay logged in. overtime I click a link it logs me back out.

          I generally use on mobile devices to maintain a log in but as of this morning that isn't working anymore either. I tried posting this from chrome on android and slashdot would log me out every single time and would refuse to let me log in . howev

          • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

            "Request desktop version" seems to help. For a while the rate limit on posts was broken too, surprised it wasn't abused.

      • 2. The current posting limits are completely disabled.

        I predict that you're either APK or the moo guy. You want your comments seen!

      • The second thing to do is to display all comments by default.

        At least show them in collapsed mode by default.
        If you get rid of moderation completely, then we'll be inundated by warnings that "Republicans are destroying everything!" and moooo we are all cows.
        It's the best moderation system on the web, but maybe tweak the defaults a bit.

      • My primary reform would be to get rid of AC posting entirely. Our screen names already give us all the anonymity we need, with a continuity of posting record that automatically screens out trash. As an example, if Space Nutter Troll had to go back to having one posting record as Quantum Apostrophe, he would either have to engage us with rational arguments or we could just get rid of the account in its entirety, as other sites have done.

        The moderation system just needs some work. Instead of having to choose

        • My primary reform would be to get rid of AC posting entirely. Our screen names already give us all the anonymity we need, with a continuity of posting record that automatically screens out trash. As an example, if Space Nutter Troll had to go back to having one posting record as Quantum Apostrophe, he would either have to engage us with rational arguments or we could just get rid of the account in its entirety, as other sites have done.

          The moderation system just needs some work. Instead of having to choose between moderating in the commentary for one article or posting in it, change the granularity to the subthread level. We could moderate and post in the same article, just not in the same exact thread.

          The mobile app is totally broken and needs to be replaced by something that works.

          The problem with this is that they'll just keep creating new user accounts, and if the IP ban comes into effect, they'll just use something like tor to get around it. At least with the current system, Anonymous comments always start out as 0, so you can just set your limit at 1 (or 2), and let the good anons rise up.

      • There's already a fixed Slashspot available, it's called Soylent News [].
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:27AM (#51226243)

    I think that 2016 will be a disastrous year for Firefox. Thanks to more dumb changes by Mozilla, most of which will be unwanted by Firefox's few remaining users, many of these users will move to Chrome, Edge, Safari, or one of the other browsers out there. Firefox's share of the market, which is only in the high single-digits at this point, will drop below 5%.

    Furthermore, Mozilla supporters will continue to refuse to acknowledge why this massive drop in market share will have happened. Instead of just admitting that Mozilla fucked up and fucked over its users, these Mozilla supporters will use excuses like "Google advertised Chrome a lot" and "it's because of mobile browsers". They still won't realize, or at least admit, what the real problem has been: Mozilla has repeatedly fucked over Firefox's users with one stupid, unwanted and awful change after another!

    Additionally, Servo and Rust won't see much progress in 2016. Rust will continue to spin its wheels as it tries to become as useful as C++14 has been for a few years. Servo might get to the point of providing an IE 7 level of experience, rather than the IE 3 style experience it currently provides. Both will continue to be a waste of resources that could have instead been put toward improving Firefox's performance or fixing many of its longstanding bugs.

    • I actually like their android browser. I think it's better than Chrome, and I especially like that you can write addons for it.

      That said I use Opera on android, because it still does text reflow. Firefox used to, but it's a feature they broke. In theory, I could not be a lazy schmuck and write an addon myself for Firefox to do text reflow. Just the fact that it has the extensibility to add that "killer feature" gives me a lot of respect for the browser.

    • 2016 may be the year when Electrolysis is enabled by default, I'm not longer weary of it and I'll welcome it.

      See, the masses aren't technical and can't be assed to run a task manager or a "top" window to watch resource use these days. They'll say the computer is slow instead, or put the blame on what they can think of. Electrolysis won't make Firefox use less resources (unless it helps claiming back some when tabs are discarded) but it should help with god awful slowness that semi-randomly happens depending

    • They should do a WinAMP and go back several versions. Maybe use the Pale Moon code base as a starting point.

    • The defenestration of Brendan Eich didn't help, either. All I have are anecdotes, but it seemed like quite a number of people were ticked off enough to stop using Firefox, including some sysadmins who said they removed it from some large installations.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:29AM (#51226245)

    Systemd has spoken, but it's impossible to decode its incoherent message. Perhaps it's saying that it is a perpetual victim of injustice. Then again, it might be babbling that this is the best of all possible worlds and that it is the best of all possible organizations. Let's get down to business: It ought to unstop its ears and uncover its eyes. Only then will systemd hear that to which it has been too long heedless. Only then will it see that when I hear it say that it has an absolute right to be intolerant in the name of tolerance, I have to wonder about it. Is it thoroughly worthless? Is it simply being asinine? Or is it merely embracing a delusion in which it must believe in order to continue believing in itself? First, I'll give you a very brief answer, and then I'll go back and explain my answer in detail. As for the brief answer, while systemd has been beating the drums of opportunism, I've been trying to take the mechanisms, language, ideology, and phraseology for determining what is right and what is wrong out of the hands of systemd and its adherents and put them back in the hands of ordinary people. In doing so, I've learned that in its quest to prevent us from getting in touch with our feelings it has left no destructive scheme unutilized.

    Every time systemd spouts some nonsense about how it's inflexibly honest, thoroughly patriotic, and eminently solicitous to promote, in all proper ways, the public good, the effect is that its apple-polishers become even more loyal to it. Sociologists refer to the phenomenon of increased devotion to a maledicent theory at the very hour of its destruction by external evidence as “cognitive dissonance”. I, for one, call it proof that systemd wants us to feel sorry for the subhuman, mindless skivers who promote the lie of stoicism. I warrant we should instead feel sorry for their victims, all of whom know full well that systemd is trapped in a vicious cycle. The more opposition to its bromides it faces, the more prudish it becomes. The more prudish it becomes, the more opposition to its bromides it faces. I wish I didn't have to be the one to break the news that I pray for the day when those who support those for whom hatred has become a way of life will see what they're doing to the world and to all of its citizens. Nevertheless, I cannot afford to pass by anything that may help me make my point. So let me just state that if we are to provide actionable steps people can take to break the spell of great expectations that now binds poxy bigamists to systemd, then we must be guided by a healthy and progressive ideology, not by the high-handed and pesky ideologies that systemd promotes.

    Epistemic warlordism weakens political determination and gives comfort to anarchism. To overcome this the question of the role played by systemd's faction must be broached directly. Let me suggest we do by examining the way that whenever I hear systemd's dupes witter on about how hanging out with nauseating converts to misoneism is a wonderful, culturally enriching experience, I interpret this poppycock as an implicit request for chemical treatment of their rampant (and generally unacknowledged) Asperger syndrome. The biggest supporters of systemd's unscrupulous, disloyal rantings are snotty charlatans and craven filthy-types. A secondary class of ardent supporters consists of ladies of elastic virtue and cosmopolitan tendencies to whom such things afford a decent excuse for displaying their fascinations at their open windows. Let's just ignore systemd and see what it does.

    In any case, there is something in the way of “natural law” that can be stated awkwardly as follows: “Anyone who was sober for more than an hour or two during the last five years knows that systemd's presumptuous calumnies have been establishing beachheads on paper and celluloid and silicon and everywhere else that presumptuous calumnies can appear.” Please do not quote me on that. Instead, work it into a better natural law and enunciate it in clearer and more concise te

    • *slow clap*

      Well done, Sir. Well done.

    • If you have never experienced the systemD reintegration you can see it synergizes the kernel calls. The benefits of this simple schema can be difficult to believe. The future will be a transformative refining of insight. Eons from now, we adventurers will live like never before as we are reborn by the grid. We must change ourselves and empower others.

      Your system resources may be ruled by greedy algorithms without realizing it. Do not let it sabotage the self-healing disk fragmentation. You must take a s

    • Speaking of BSD, I predict that OpenBSD development will continue, with a release coming in April/May and another in October/November.
  • by JoshuaZ ( 1134087 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:30AM (#51226247) Homepage [] is a website that allows one to record predictions along with a probability estimate for them. Others can then comment and give their own estimates. When a prediction comes due one can then judge it. It also has a nice graph that allows one to then see how accurate one has been (most humans are overconfident). It isn't perfect since for example it doesn't have categories for predictions; it would be nice for example to be able to say look at just one's predictions related to politics, or to the space program or something similar. But overall, I strongly recommend it.
    • there are a few other sites that let you bet on predictions. Nothing as popular as intrade ( [] ) was

      I predict bitcoin will continue to slowly tick upwards until the next block halving (~ 200 days) when the value will take a bigger than usual jump, end the year around 1000

      Meanwhile the hatred of all things bitcoin will also continue on /.

  • 2016 will be the Year of My Genitals on the Desktop.

  • More IPv6 (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Tim the Gecko ( 745081 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:30AM (#51226255)

    10% of users accessed Google with IPv6 yesterday: []

    If you expand out the graph you can see that during the work week there are about 8% of users on IPv6, but at the weekends it increases. There is a two-speed internet, with residential and mobile leading the way, and corporate networks lagging behind.

    Prediction: 14% at weekends next year.

  • Crypto Wars, take 2 (Score:5, Interesting)

    by bill_mcgonigle ( 4333 ) * on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:31AM (#51226257) Homepage Journal

    The brushfires have been smouldering, but in 2016 both the owners and subjects will organize to oppose each other with fervor. Individuals and companies will begin making news for fleeing repressive regimes to continue their work and these will be regimes that used to claim a penchant for liberty. Other subjects of these regimes will begin to notice and start a three-year cycle that will lead to one extreme or the other.

  • by The Real Dr John ( 716876 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:33AM (#51226263) Homepage

    are greatly exaggerated. And Windows 10 will not do nearly as well as it should based on the price (free). Windows 7 will remain above 40% market share of desktop PCs throughout the year.

  • by Space ( 13455 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:37AM (#51226277) Homepage

    I predict that there will be yet another programming language claiming to replace C and we will still be mostly using C in 2026.

  • by PolygamousRanchKid ( 1290638 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:48AM (#51226303)

    That's not the right question. The question should be, "Will Donald Trump ever shut up?" And the answer is no. He has no chance of being elected, and he knows that. Who has Donald Trump pissed off? Women? Latinos? I feel discriminated against . . . he hasn't pissed off middle aged white guys . . . yet.

    He is going to find his place sniping at Hilary, when she gets elected: the social gadfly of the opposition. It's a great role to play. A lot of folks really detest Hillary, but she's going to be elected anyway, just because of demographics that favor the Democrats. That will leave a lot of folks looking for a steam valve, to let off some vitriol. The trouble that Hillary will have, is a Republican Congress and Senate. She will have to resort to the "Obama Prerogative" of using Executive Orders, read, "imperial decrees", to circumvent the due process of the creation of laws in the US. Opening the border to Cuba? A good idea, but the way Obama did that was dubious, at best. Congress should have approved.

    Now Obama wants to do another Executive Decree, that affects the Bill of Rights, on gun laws. In international soccer matches, that would get the red card from the referee. What will happen if Hillary decides to issue a decree about the Freedom of Speech? Democrats will close ranks behind her; Trump will honk off.

    Although that sounds a bit pessimistic, I'm thinking that is what 2016 has to offer.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      The best part is that if you listen to what he actually says, the talking heads have deliberately misstated him. Who's paying them is an open question, but my bet is on the people who bought Obama and Hilary.

      • Everyone has mistatements about them in the media. The important thing in this case is that even when you put things he says in complete context they are still awful or based on factually incorrect claims. There's a reason that PolitiFact labeled Trump's entire set of falsehoods their Lie of the Year , never before has someone managed to have all three top spots in the running for lie of the year. Of course, Trump and others response that this was left-wing bias is also false, as one can see from the fact t
    • by Opportunist ( 166417 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @10:41AM (#51226461)

      Quite the opposite, the very fact THAT he is offensive to women, latinos, gays and pretty much everyone but white male protestant voters is his strong suite. Because they are fed up with the whole SJW bullshit, even enough to vote for the hairpiece.

      Just to give you an idea how far that political correctness bullshit has gone.

    • by Okian Warrior ( 537106 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @12:28PM (#51226919) Homepage Journal

      He has no chance of being elected, and he knows that.

      Reality disagrees... but please, keep saying stuff about Trump. It only helps.

      I am aware that polls this early are largely meaningless, but let's look at some numbers outside of context.

      He's got about 40% of the Republican vote [] at the moment. Let's assume that figure holds across the party so that, for example, if Cruz bows out 40% of those supporters move to Trump. That gives him 40% + (40% x 60%) = 64% of the Republican vote, using back-of-the-envelope estimates.

      No one bothered to check with Democratic voters until recently, but Trump has stronger support from Democrats [] than he does from Republicans!


      If *those* numbers are accurate, he could get elected right now.

      And all of this is ignoring any context []. For example:

      a) The investigation into Hillary could conclude, bringing charges against her
      b) Hillary could have a medical issue (campaigning is stressful, she's had medical problems, Trump hasn't)
      c) US could have another domestic terrorist attack
      d) Trump has not made campaign ads - he's spent about a million, compared to Jeb's 32 million.

      And finally, Trump will get elected simply because no one opposes his position in any rational way - it's all namecalling and derision.

      Don't believe me? Find a rational argument as to why a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country isn't a common-sense response to an immediate threat.

      You can't do it. The only response, so far as I can find, is to cast aspersions on the person asking that question. Terms like bigot, predjudiced, racist, and extremist are used. Also outright lies such as "it's unconstitutional" (no, it's not), "it's impossible to tell who's a Muslim" (no, it's not), "that's not what America is about" (we've done it before), and so on.

      Then tell me why enforcing immigration law is a bad move (instead of amnesty, which is what the administration was quietly floating), why simplifying the tax code is a bad move, why having strong treaty negotiation is a bad move, and why replacing Obamacare with something better would be a bad move.

      As near as I can tell, early November was the tipping point where you could have stopped Donald Trump. Someone could have stepped up and addressed his policies, and in that act presented as a strong leader. By now it's probably too late.

      Oh, and let's not forget that the lead Democratic candidate has accomplished nothing in her career, and the democratic runner-up is a Socialist. A SOCIALIST!


      Donald may not win the election, but saying he has no chance is entirely without merit.

      • Your analysis about Trump's chances are probably accurate. The rest, less so.

        You can't do it. The only response, so far as I can find, is to cast aspersions on the person asking that question. Terms like bigot, predjudiced, racist, and extremist are used. Also outright lies such as "it's unconstitutional" (no, it's not), "it's impossible to tell who's a Muslim" (no, it's not), "that's not what America is about" (we've done it before), and so on.

        That we've done something before is an absolutely terrible argument. We had slavery for much of our history. Note also that the claim isn't that it is impossible to tell who is a Muslim, but that it isn't easy. Your argument also ignores that a) the vast majority of Muslim immigrants are fine b) the actual threat is tiny- even in France after the last attack more people have died in 2015 in France by a factor of about 30 https://e []

        • That we've done something before is an absolutely terrible argument. We had slavery for much of our history.

          Finally! A rational response!

          Your point is well taken, and I agree that past mistakes shouldn't be an argument for future actions.

          The problem is "that's not what America is about" is a fine argument, but it's not applied anywhere else.

          The elites don't use that argument when addressing massive surveillance, the patriot act, secret lists, national security letters, parallel construction, or the president ordering the death of an American by secret law.

          The argument ("that's not what America is about") would h

      • No one bothered to check with Democratic voters until recently, but Trump has stronger support from Democrats [] than he does from Republicans!

        That's not surprising, since most of his positions and his registered party were Democratic until recently.

      • Good points, but here are a few more: 1) One party only rarely keeps the White House for three terms in a row, and the general mood of the country (and especially that of a lot of swing voters) is not: "Oh please, let's have four more years like the last eight!" 2) Trump is quite popular in New York. It's not out of the question that he could beat Hillary there.
    • He has no chance of being elected, and he knows that.

      He's going to be our next president, I'll say it right here. He's dominating the Republican polls, so much that now he's pivoting and ignoring the other candidates to focus on Hillary.

      When it comes to Hillary, she's not actually a very good campaigner. The only election she won was more of an 'appointment' for Senate, choosing a good state to run in, and getting the appropriate power-brokers on her side.

      The only good thing that can be said about the upcoming election is: lucky we are living in a great

    • Sorry PolygamousRanchKid, but I predict that Donald Trump will be elected President in an electoral college landslide.
  • by debrain ( 29228 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @09:48AM (#51226307) Journal

    People will keep flocking to one of the fastest growing city in the USA, even though it will continue to have increasingly devastating consequences from regular flooding for the population and industry, particularly farming.

    Wall street, on behalf of rich people, will short-sell (via complex derivatives that mask their intent) the Florida property and life insurers, mortgagees, corporations, and property owners.

    Florida will continue to deny the existence of climate change at the popular and official levels.

  • When Feb 29 rolls around the subject will drift to lead seconds, and there'll be wave of whing and ill-informed nuttery from drometards who rolled their own half-assed date/time libraries and don't know what TAI is.

  • by petes_PoV ( 912422 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @10:06AM (#51226349)
    Internet freedoms will be slightly (more) curtailed
    Linux will push out more fixes and hardware support - but nothing compelling that will be worth an upgrade (unless you like dickin' about with your computers, or need the fixed stuff)
    Windows will continue to be Windows - nothing new there
    There will be more cyber attacks, exploited security holes, scams and cockups
    The Greek economy might finally crash - or it might not.
    Apple will probably release some more stuff. The fans will all tell you they are the best versions ever and worth every penny
    China will make more, faster, better, cheaper stuff then ever before

    Oh yes - and there will be the olympics. But nothing else of any consequence.

  • by cellocgw ( 617879 ) <> on Saturday January 02, 2016 @10:06AM (#51226353) Journal

    Completely unable to post from Chrome because slashdot keeps logging me out when I hit "Submit" and won't let me post as AC.

    I just love it when upgrades break things.

    OTOH, if this post from FF fails, it's certainly slashdot's fault

    • by antdude ( 79039 )

      I hate changing and upgrading. I just upgraded my Debian, from oldstable/Wheezy to stable/Jessie, last Sunday night. As I expected, stuff broke. :(

  • But i'm pretty sure the industry will start to manufacture the big ICs like CPUs, GPUs etc into small separate modules and then using a precise pick and place machine, "assemble" the whole beast using either side interconnects or bridges over the chips, if not just plain making a 3D pile with heatpipes to pull out the heat from the middle of it.
    The tech itself to do it is already emerging with those HSA memory AMD things, and that's a nice way to not have to fight against huge masks that will be required gi

  • I predict Christmas will come on December 25. I also predict the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
  • 2016: The Year In Energy

    In the year 2016 there will be a dozen vague announcements promising some new materials breakthrough (graphene, unicorn crystals, etc.) that lead excitable people to imagine that large scale grid storage is right around the corner. Tesla will introduce a battery the size of a motorcycle that can power a car, a battery the size of a car that can power a house, and one the size of a city that can power a slightly larger city, for 30 minutes.

    Meanwhile the tech community will fixate on

    • by DamonHD ( 794830 )

      "... a few whiny articles about how big energy companies and short sighted governments are interfering with the peoples' right to push tiny bits of energy onto the grid and make the people around them pay for the infrastructure to do so ... "

      On this: I am pushing out more energy (well, exergy even) than I consume over a year just from my house, and continue to pay the standing charge on both electricity and gas which should broadly cover those infrastructure costs (it's ~25% of my electricity bill, ~50% of

  • by JBMcB ( 73720 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @11:06AM (#51226583)

    Worry about today. After today, you can worry about tomorrow.

  • by codebonobo ( 2762819 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @11:28AM (#51226687)

    While Bitcoin had a great year in most metrics of 2015( [] ), expect even more rapid growth in 2016 when years of development and investment compound with another disinflationary bubble driving media and user interest. Several more bitcoin "killer-apps" (I.E.. [] ) will come online while banks continue to poor money into block chain development to play catch-up. Crypto-currency developers will be the biggest winners as more fintech VC money pours into innovative startups and "blockchain" consultants.

    Banking alts will begin to roll out in late 2016 with some eventually becoming massive failures and some private blockchains winning out providing slight benefits from removing some interbank inefficiencies. Both bank alts/tokens and bitcoin will coexist and serve different purposes as the key benefits to bitcoin will never be replicated by the banks: immutability, privacy and security with no KYC, sovereignty, open source and decentralized allowing limitless innovation and ability to onramp billions of unbanked and underbanked.

  • China will ban new coal mines for three years: [] The US will do the same or more since a federal judge ruled last year that mining permits must consider greenhouse gas emissions.
  • What discoveries are we going to make this year?

    I predict we are going to discover that people seriously suck at predicting the future.


  • Sanders will take the presidency.

  • With extreme heat records in central USA, Siberia and west Europe.

  • Quatrain I
    "An enormous and mighty ring is watched by the one who watches. Motes whirl at tremendous speeds, colliding and generating unimaginable amounts of energy. The eye that watches searches relentlessly for forbidden knowledge and becomes consumed by its fascination with the ring. Days, weeks and months pass and the motes continue hurling themselves towards each other in a battle that culminates in destruction."

    Quatrain V
    "The fourth Antichrist engages in war upon Little Beach and the beach is swamped b

  • The prevailing interpretation (not the validity) of Einstein's special theory of relativity definitions relating frame time (t) to proper time (tau):

    d(tau) = dt - dr/c = invariant
    dr = dx + dy + dz

    will be challenged by a source that is regarded as "mainstream" by the STEM community. The new interpretation will not challenge the validity of these definitions, nor will the new interpretation be accepted as "mainstream physics" during 2016. However, due to the prominence of the challenger and the challenged,

  • The price of beef has just gone up.

    And you know the rest.

  • The sun will rise.

  • And then the healing can begin. Nah, just kidding, that would be completely crazy. Instead I predict more slashvertisement, more videos, and even less quality in editing the stories. Oh and more Social Justice Warrior nonsense and Nerdbashing.
  • -- phone gaming is a zero-gain business

    -- first car-hacker crash

    -- random large companies online will be "not doing business in your area, thanks" due to bastard weasels like the UK Parliament demanding full and unfettered access to all data through backdoors. could get interesting if it happens in the US, home of The Connected Internet, and will lead to recalls of elected weasels.

    -- Oracle has peaked. not-giant companies will go OS for their databases and tools due to the usual overlord contracts.

    -- Micr

  • by hey! ( 33014 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @03:51PM (#51227573) Homepage Journal

    ... that could be construed a bigoted, sexist or unpatriotic. It will go viral, and a flame war will rage across social media in which the public shamers and defenders will vie to twist the narrative of what was in fact a moment of misspeaking into proof that their respective world views are, not only right, but the only conscionable viewpoint to have.

    And, even knowing in advance fully how futile and unsatisfying it will be, you won't be able to resist weighing in with what seems to you to be a reasonable and nuanced take on the matter. This will not be perceived by anyone as reasonable and nuanced. Then, like a gambler vainly trying to win back his stake, your participation in the controversy will grow in proportion to your dissatisfaction with it.

    An when it is all over a few weeks later it will all happen again.

  • are going to disappear as the service bombs terribly, and is then subject to a class action lawsuit from disgruntled early adopters.

  • I expect Mrs. Clinton to win this year, but serve only one term, and become the first president in a while to do so. Most likely, either Bernie or Trump will reappear in 2020.

    I expect that cybersecurity will become a very lucrative industry over the next couple of years.

    And I expect that over the next 10 years, there will be an increasing trend of moving jobs back to the US. With larger companies dominating aome industries as heavily aas they do, there will become space for smaller ones who target spec

  • Here's the post from Wyatt Earp (/. ID#: 1029) 10 years ago. He nailed it:

    Advancements in artificial limb technology driven by the Iraqi Military Operations
    Advancements in stripping the psychotropic effects of drugs like Ketamine and X for use as pain killers, driven by the Iraqi Military Operations
    A video card that cracks the $1000 US price point
    More hybrid and bio diesel technology from the big Automakers
    F/A-22, Eurofighter Typhoon purchases get cut, F/A-22 or the F-35 programs might get totally eliminated by the US DoD
    Quad core AMD and Intel server chips
    US program to put GPS in all cars becomes a political hot issue
    UK program to track all cars does not become a political hot issue

  • by hambone142 ( 2551854 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @07:17PM (#51228327)

    I predict Meg Whitman and Marissa Mayer will both proclaim their "success" in destroying H.P. and Yahoo and will depart to "spend more time with their families".

    Both ships are about to sink and they can save face by departing in the near future.

  • By category, let's start with geopolitics:

    - USA presidential, house and senate politics will continue to be the despair of all USAians and the rest of the "free" world"; as a consequence silly posturing will continue instead of the visionary, brave and useful policy-making
    - The sames goes for Europe (or at least, most of the EU)
    - Despite obscene amounts of spending on the military by both of the above, their weapons systems and military "solutions" remain half-functional and useless to combat the
    - Various n

  • Here it is, in 2006, by Animats (/.ID#: 122034) Alter Relationship on Monday December 26, 2005 @10:39PM (#14343315)

    Saudi Arabia finally admits the Gawar field has peaked. Oil passes $70 per barrel.
    US interest rate spike. "Homeowners" with adjustable-rate interest-only loans default and are foreclosed.
    Housing prices crash as foreclosures glut market.
    Congress finally starts investigating some activities of the Bush administration.
    No real change in Iraq. Neither side can force a decision, so both sides keep bleeding.
    China announces major progress in their space program.
    Micropayments flop, again. Goodbye, Bitpass.
    A Cat 4 or 5 hurricane wipes out another southern US city, or New Orleans floods again.
    One of the big three US car manufacturers goes bankrupt.
    Total number of active blogs decreases.

  • by MindPrison ( 864299 ) on Saturday January 02, 2016 @08:52PM (#51228619) Journal
    ...are amongst a lot of those things we'll see in 2016, hardly a new theme from 2015, but there's light at the end of the tunnel and here's my predictions for 2016:

    As you may be aware of - it's becoming increasingly hard to get a steady job to hold on to and plan a future, the big companies want young and fresh minds to form and take advantage of while they're willing and ready and the older generation will have to start their own businesses in order to keep their capital flow coming. The most important thing will be - change. People must be willing to do other things than what they're currently used to, because things will indeed change, slowly over the year 2016 - 17 - 18 - 19 etc... you catch the drift, we will be moving towards the moneyless society.

    During that transaction of time - we will experience increased civil unrest, increased dismay with our government, leaders, politicians, employers etc. since our way of life as we know it is threatened with lay-offs, unpaid overtime, smaller salary, increased immigration and heavy outsourcing. This is not easy to handle for anyone of us, but it's a thing we've gotta get through somehow, and the only way to do this - is to stay cold and level headed and make sure we're a PART of the future instead of just complaining about it. You don't want to miss the bandwagon when you in reality can take advantages of the change instead of being the one screwed over.

    We will notice an increase in social welfare recipients, joblessness, and a transition towards online entertainment instead of manual manufacturing, albeit that part will be outsourced so you may want to re educate yourself into something dealing with design, media, film, online communication, fitness and personal health - as these areas will most likely see an incredible increase.

    Good future job perspectives will be in: Automation, Web Shops, Online shopping, Online Entertainment, Programming (Improving algorithms for saving space/data/bandwidth etc. will be in HIGH demand) Game developers, Graphics artists will be sought after so don't sell yourselves short by working for free (these has been outsourced with BAD results earlier, so this area will be especially lucrative). Due to heavy world immigration people working within Medicine (Doctors, surgeons, dentists etc.) will be in HIGH demand anywhere and you'll pretty much be able to set your own salary. As the population becomes more passive, on welfare/being more online during this transition to the moneyless society - we will also notice an increased need for personal health so if you're into fitness - start your own GYMs now, you'll bloom before you know what to do with your success.

    Due to increased online production, film, media, entertainment etc. an increased need for the worlds most hated people (lawyers) will be a fact soon, because you'll need to protect that intellectual property (you and I may disagree here, I'm more for Open Source myself) but what you and I think isn't always what will happen, so ....I think we're gonna see a huge increase in companies hiring lawyers just to survive out there.

    Due to increased immigration, it might be wise to invest heavily in property - the gov. will usually pay overprice for rent/property-lease/welfare/daycare/schooling accommodations for immigrants (this is happening BIG TIME in Sweden right now, and we're literally experiencing newcomers to the property market literally raking it in just because of this). Unfortunately they're also amateurs so the market will suffer greatly from this as well, so beware! You may even want to consider a career as an interpretor as these will be in HIGH DEMAND shortly.

    Retro trend: We're experiencing the boomers are getting middle aged, so they want to relive their childhood - expect a HIGH demand for old used tech, especially video games from the late 70s to the early 80s, a huge comeback for Pinball machines & old arcades.

    New Tech: Expect flat screen TV's to set a record low price-tag i

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